(Photo: Bakehouse cakes.)

All About Bakehouse

Our Bakehouse team is made up of passionate bakers, buyers and chefs that are dedicated to delivering the best to our customers. We make sure the best baked goods are at your local store, and into your home.

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(Photo: Tippin's pie.)

Local Favorites

At Dierbergs, we are dedicated to delivering the best to our customers. We make sure our bakery is filled with local favorites, like Tippin’s Pies and Companion Breads, because that is what our customers love!

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(Photo: Celebration Blossoms cake.)

Decorated Cakes & More

Celebrate any special occasion with one of our delicious decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

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(Photo: Brunch Platter with mini danish, mini muffins, fruit bites and grapes.)

Bread & Bakery Platters

Our bakers have created delicious platters that will satisfy all your fresh-baked needs. Whether it’s a dinner party or a family brunch, these platters are a must-have!

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(Photo: European Bistro mini desserts.)

European Bakery

We have a European Bakery at two of our Dierbergs St. Louis locations. These bakeries are made up of talented European pastry chefs who create delicious European pastries and desserts, such as napoleons, petits fours and macarons.

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Kosher Bakery

Our West Oak location has certified-kosher bakery items! These tasty items are clearly labeled with Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis’ “OV” symbol – they are certified and delicious!