[Photo: Amanda Andrew with daughter Stella.]My name is Amanda Andrew, the daughter of Rae Andrew, and I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 6 months old. In 1982, it was extremely uncommon to find a child that young with diabetes. I was placed at Cardinal Glennon for about a month while my family learned all the necessary details to take care of me. My mother and father had to learn numerous things from insulin shot regiments to diet control to symptoms of high and low blood sugars.

Growing up was very different from the young children diagnosed today. My parents had to ring my diapers out to check my urine for ketones because there were no blood glucometers yet. The types of insulin used were very different also. I did not get treats because sugar-free snacks were not produced 'til I was older. In fact, the doctors told my parents I would not live to see 21 because they knew so little about the disease then.

As I grew older, I was told at age 19 I could not have children due to complications from my diabetes. Although my sugars were good, they did not believe it was possible for a diabetic diagnosed so young to have a child. At age 27, I became pregnant and had my daughter on March 18, 2009. She came into the world a healthy baby girl.

In April of 2010, my only child Stella became very sick. She was throwing up and had a fever. I called our doctor Abraham Phillips, and he suggested white diet soda with the carbonation stirred out. She started getting better the next morning, and I was told to give her apple juice only to find her throwing up again. Soon after, I started to get scared and took her to Dr. Phillips office.

At the office, he checked her blood sugar, and it read HI on the machine. I rushed her to St. John's, and she was transported to Cardinal Glennon from there. They saved her life, and I could not be more grateful for it.

I am now age 36, and Stella is 9. Dr. Phillips went through some difficult times and has retired, so Stella now sees Dr. Susan Myers at Cardinal Glennon for her diabetes. Everyone in the office is very helpful and nice. They have changed her medicines and have given me classes to understand the new regiments better. If it wasn't for Cardinal Glennon and all the wonderful staff, I'm not sure how our life would have turned out.