[Photo: Natalie's daughter being taken care of at Cardinal Glennon.]My name is Natalie, and at the young age of 9 days old, my daughter was diagnosed with Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

As a young mom, I had no idea the severity of this sickness. I took my daughter back to the pediatrician when she was 10 days old, and we were sent directly to Cardinal Glennon to be admitted in the ER. I was an emotional mess, but since my pediatrician office pairs with them, I was told they were the best for the situation we were in.

She was admitted right away. They couldn’t get a good reading on my daughter's breathing. The doctor then came in to tell me we were going to need to be there for a few days, but they had no rooms available at the time, so they told us if they had to that they would make us a room right there in the ER. In three hours, however, we were moved to the third floor.

As we approached the third floor, my daughter's breathing got really bad. At that point, I was so scared. The doctors came in the next morning to tell us it was only going to get worse before it got better. My daughter was hooked up to tubes, IVs and a bubble c-pap machine with nurses on call every three hours to clean out her lungs.

I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough at Cardinal Glennon. They make you feel like family no matter what you situation is. We were new parents, and the doctors understood we were scared and made sure every day we were in the know as to what was going on and the goals for the day. The organization altogether is just amazing and wonderful!