[Photo: The Flacke Family.]Our daughter Lindsey was born May 6, 1985. Lindsey was born with a Diaphragmatic Hernia, which took her straight to Cardinal Glennon Hospital when she was born. Lindsey’s intestines were growing faster than the muscle that separates your abdomen from your chest, and Lindsey’s intestines grew where her lung was supposed to be. Lindsey spent 13 days in NICU at Cardinal Glennon. At the time, they did not know if she had a lung or if it could not develop. They gave our daughter a 50% chance of living.

Lindsey has a scar from one side of her abdomen to the other where they made an incision and brought her intestines down where they belong. Luckily, her lung was there; it just did not have room to develop. They inflated her lung and she could breathe correctly. Dr. Danis was an amazing doctor.

Lindsey later returned to Cardinal Glennon where she had umbilical surgery. I was working part time and had no family insurance, so as you can imagine a hospital bill of that amount could take years to pay considering I was paying Cardinal Glennon at the time $15 a month.

I had only made three payments of $15 dollars when I received a letter in the mail from Cardinal Glennon that my bill was paid in full! WOW! I was in tears.

In 1988, we had our son Jeffrey Michael. Jeffrey was born with a genetic disorder. Jeffrey was also in Cardinal Glennon Hospital for 17 days. Jeffrey passed away January 10, 1989. Cardinal Glennon is an amazing Children’s Hospital. I would not want to take my children anywhere else.

Tami Flacke
Deli and Seafood Manager
Dierbergs Manchester/Lafayette Center