Meet Our Local Farmer Partners

Stuckmeyer Farm
Mel Stuckmeyer
Partner Since 1990
Columbia, Ill.

[Photo: Ben Roberts from Roberts Heritage Poultry & Eggs holds a homegrown tomato.]

Roberts Heritage Poultry & Eggs
Ben Roberts
Partner Since 2012
Syracuse, Mo.

Tomato Tips

How to Store

Store at room temperature; do not refrigerate, which will diminish the flavor. To speed the ripening, place tomato in a plastic or paper bag poked with a few holes. Placing an apple in the bag will speed up the process; just don’t leave in too long.

How to Pick

Look for deep color and firm texture. Skin should not be wrinkled, and tomato should have an aroma for a stronger flavor.

How to Cut

To make slicing tomatoes easier, use a serrated knife (bread knife).

Homegrown Tomato Recipes