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Watermelon Tips

How to Pick

The watermelon should feel heavy for its size. The bottom of the melon will have a spot on it where it rested in the field. The spot should be creamy yellow if it is ripe; white means it is under ripe. Tap the bottom of the melon – a deep hollow sound is a juicy sweet ripe melon while a dull flat sound means under or over ripe.

How to Store

Store cut watermelon in a strainer or colander with a bowl under it. This allows juices to run off and watermelon to stay crisp. A salad spinner works great as a storage container. Add the extra juice to water or lemonade for extra flavor.

How to Cut

Everyone cuts watermelon a little differently, but here’s a simple way: Make sure to wash outside of melon before cutting.

Homegrown Watermelon Recipes