Wild Harvest Organic Beans

As you embrace your New Year’s resolution of healthier eating, you may be considering adding more plant-based protein to your eating plan. May I suggest beans as an economical source of clean eating? Wild Harvest brand are USDA organic, non-GMO and many are lower in sodium and less expensive than similar products. For the best flavor and to reduce sodium further, drain and rinse canned beans before adding them to your dish. In addition to canned varieties, Wild Harvest packages several kinds of dried beans.


Nellie’s Free-Range Eggs

Named for a hen owned by Jesse Laflamme, Chief Executive Farmer at Nellie’s Free Range Eggs, Nellie’s provides superior quality eggs that are certified humane. Better than cage free, better than just free range – to be certified as humane is a quite a…errr…feather in their cap! With a company mission of “Exceed customer expectations with the best tasting, highest quality, humanely and sustainably produced free range eggs available.” You have to try these to believe how very good they are. We are pleased to have Nellie’s as new partners in our School of Cooking!


Skinny Pop Popcorn

Popcorn is a well-loved snack for sure. By now, most of us know the buttery stuff served up in movie theatres isn’t in our best interest. What is? Skinny Pop! This fabulous whole grain has no artificial ingredients or artificial flavors, is non GMO, gluten free, peanut and tree nut free, preservative free, has zero trans-fat, is a good source of fiber, is kosher and most varieties are dairy free. Oh, it’s delicious too! One of my favorite afternoon snacks is a bag of the Original Skinny Pack® because it is easy to pack, has built in portion control and of course there’s that, “it’s delicious too,” part again.


Dierbergs All Natural Peanut Butter

If your quest is to practice cleaner eating, you may be thinking that peanut butter is a good option. For the “cleanest” eating, try Dierbergs All Natural Peanut Butter. It’s fresh, pure, made without sugar or salt, AND it is made in St. Louis. Natural, local, clean – that’s a trifecta of adjectives!


Produce Department Pre-Cut Vegetables

If you haven’t tried ready cut vegetables in the produce department, you are missing out an easy way to get your dinner on the table a lot faster. Select from chopped onion, green bell pepper, celery, and a variety of herbs that can make cooking and cleaning up easy. Then grab a carton of cut butternut squash, sweet potatoes or any of our veggie “noodles,” and dinner will practically cook itself.


Bulk Food Bins

This product highlight is a really a store section highlight. One of the best places for me to shop in our stores is in bulk foods. If I need a small amount of an ingredient I don’t often use, I head to the bulk bins to purchase just what I need. If I want to build my own variety of mixed nuts, I head to the bulk bins to purchase a few of these and a few of those. When I have a craving for some dark chocolate covered almonds, I head to the bulk bins and I buy a tiny amount so I get automatic portion control at a lower cost. Look for granolas and oats, grains, baking ingredients, nutritional yeast, nuts, dried fruits, candies and snack items. There truly are too many to name.


Dierbergs Salmon

Whether you choose your salmon raw and cook it at home or have Dierbergs cook it for you, (free of charge!) you can’t go wrong. My personal favorite, is the Bob’s Barbecue Succulent Smoked Salmon filets. I buy the number I need and stop by the seafood counter to have them cooked in store while I shop. Much like we have produce seasons, we also have salmon seasons, so the variety changes throughout the year. Want specifics? Check here for all things salmon.


Dierbergs Toasted Oats Cereal

Dierbergs Toasted Oats are one of my very favorite grab and go snacks. Make a quick trail mix with cereal, nuts, a little dried fruit and a few chocolate chips for sweetness. Package it up and have a healthy whole grain snack at the ready. Plus compare with major brand cereals and save big! Your taste buds and your wallet will be happy.


Wild Harvest Frozen Fruit

When my favorite fresh fruit is in season, the flavor is amazing and I enjoy eating it out of hand. When it isn’t readily available at a good price or at its peak quality, I turn to Wild Harvest Organic Frozen Fruit. I’m a fan of the Berry Blend for an a.m. smoothie, especially if I’m adding spinach to the mix. The spinach can turn smoothies an um…interesting color, but dark berries hide it well. Blend your smoothie using frozen fruit and you won’t need to add ice. Free from anything except organic fruit, these high quality fruits can be used for muffins, sauces, over cereal, stirred into oatmeal or to hide that spinach in a smoothie. Learn More about Wild Harvest here.


Dierbergs Rotisserie Chicken

As much as I try to plan my menus and shopping, there are those nights that its 5 o’clock and I have no idea what we’re having for dinner. Say I forgot to take something out of the freezer or what I thought we were having isn’t doable because traffic was an atrocious snarl. When that happens I take a moment and I breathe. Then I zip into my neighborhood Dierbergs and grab a hot rotisserie chicken out of the case. Choose from Dierbergs Kitchens or Just Bare varieties; both are better than I can make even when I have the time to make them. Add a side dish from our Dierbergs Kitchens ever-expanding variety and dinner is on the table as fast as you can set it!


Simply Potatoes

What makes Simply Potatoes one of my favorite products? For starters, try diner-style shredded hashed browns that can go from refrigerator to fork in a matter of minutes and mashed sweet potatoes that can make any meal seem like Thanksgiving dinner. There is a complete line up of potato products from hash browns, to mashed, to wedges and all are gluten free and kosher. In addition, most of the potatoes used are sourced from within 90 miles of their facility and any leftover peels are given to local farmers to use as animal feed.