Holiday Menu Heating Instructions

Holiday Menu Heating Instructions

All heat and serve menu items, excluding the Butterball Whole Turkey, are packaged in oven-safe containers. For optimum quality, we recommend re-heating most items in a conventional oven. There are some side dishes however, that are best suited for microwave warming to retain more moisture in the side dish. All items are perishable and require refrigeration until ready to heat. If you ordered a meal with a whole Butterball turkey, please ensure it is completely thawed prior to heating. Follow guidelines on label or Heating Instruction Form if additional thawing is needed.

All of our heat and serve menu items are packaged in microwave safe containers. To heat in the microwave, follow these six easy steps: 

  1. Take lid or aluminum foil wrap off the container before heating.
  2. Make sure the food almost fills the container.
  3. Cover the container with microwave safe plastic wrap or wax paper.
  4. Raise it up – place foil container on a plate or glass dish.
  5. Position the container in the middle of the microwave at least one inch from sidewalls. To prevent sparking, make sure the container is not touching any metallic surface.
  6. Heat the food to desired temperature. 
Oven heating:
Oven should be preheated before placing items in the oven to be heated. Conventional Oven: 350 degrees (Convection Oven: 325 degrees) for all items. Follow ‘Heating Instructions’ guidelines provided with order for approximate heating times. Remove entrées from refrigerator 15-30 minutes prior to baking. 

Actual cooking times may vary due to oven temperature variations and the amount of food being re-heated at one time. Depending on these variances, an additional 5 to 15 minutes may be needed to ensure all items are heated through. 

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