$4 Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

$4 Prescription Prenatal Vitamins

Dierbergs Pharmacy - Prenatal prescriptions
Dierbergs Pharmacy offers 30-day supplies of select prescription prenatal vitamins for $4.

Many leading health organizations as well as the March of Dimes stress the importance of good prenatal care, including these specially formulated vitamins, in helping mothers to deliver healthy babies.  And Dierbergs is committed to helping provide this necessity to expectant mothers.

Program is good only with a valid new or refill prescription for a 30-day supply of selected prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamin prescriptions are $4 regardless of insurance provider. The list of covered vitamins is subject to change. Not all prescription vitamins are covered by this program. Ask your pharmacist for details.

The following prescription vitamins are being offered by Dierbergs at $4 for a 30-day supply:

 Vitamin   Qty.   NDC 
 Prenatal Tablet   30   62107-0063-01 
 PNV Prenatal Plus Multi-Vitamin Tablet   30   44946-1045-01 
 Taron-C DHA Softgel   30   13811-0536-30 
 Prenatab Rx   30   60258-0193-09 
 Vinate M   30   51991-0155-01 
 Vinate One   30   51991-0566-01 
 Prenatab FA   30   60258-0190-01 
 Se-Natal 19 Chewable Tablet   30   13925-0117-01 
 Prenatal 19 Tablet   30   60258-0196-01 
 Updated April 25, 2017