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Why Triple The Salt In Your Fresh Meats?
Fresh Meat and Sodium Know The Facts About Some Super Store Fresh Meats!

How much salt are you getting in your fresh meats? Turns out it could be a lot more than you think, particularly if you’ve purchased fresh meats from a super store.

Read this letter from Bob Dierberg, originally written for Dierbergs Whole Life Magazine, to find out more:

Dear Customers,

For decades, health officials have urged Americans to cut down on salt. Yet the typical American consumes about 3,400 mgs per day—well beyond the 2,300 mgs limit (about a teaspoon of salt) set by the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. And 15 times as much as the human body requires.

Excess salt has been linked to osteoporosis, kidney damage, and stomach cancer. It also raises blood pressure, a key factor in heart attacks and strokes.

Much of that salt is not even coming from the salt shaker but from processed foods. And even those who monitor their salt intake by reading nutrition labels might be surprised where else added sodium is popping up: fresh meats. Some
superstores add up to 12 percent sodium solutions to their fresh tray-packaged pork, chicken and USDA Select beef (typically the lowest grade of beef you will find in a retail store or restaurant). The tactic—used to increase the meat’s water content or “moistness”—can more than triple the amount of sodium per serving. For example, an untreated four-ounce steak has approximately 72 mgs of sodium. A four-ounce steak pumped with an 11 percent sodium solution might have 270 mgs of sodium. That’s equivalent to a medium-sized serving of fast-food French fries. If you’re trying to watch your sodium, read the fine print and check the nutrition labels on fresh meats.

At Dierbergs, we only carry USDA Choice beef. And we don’t use liquid fillers or add sodium to our fresh, tray-packaged meats.

So put your salt shaker away and read all your food labels closely. You’ll feel a whole lot better for it!

Bob Dierberg
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