Olive Tapenade and Parmesan Flatbreads

Olive Tapenade and Parmesan Flatbreads


2 large cloves garlic
1 jar (7 ounces) pimiento-stuffed green olives, drained
1 can (3.8 ounces) pitted ripe olives, drained
¼ cup chopped fresh parsley
¼ cup sliced green onion
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
3 tablespoons Dierbergs olive oil
1 package (10.6 ounces) refrigerated extra thin and crispy flatbread crust (Wewalka)
2 tablespoons Dierbergs butter, melted
½ cup grated parmesan cheese


Fit food processor with steel knife blade. With machine running, drop garlic through feed tube; process until finely chopped.

Add olives, parsley, green onion, and lemon juice; pulse until coarsely chopped.

With machine running, pour olive oil through feed tube in slow, steady stream; process until well mixed.

Cover and chill several hours to develop flavors.

Unroll dough with attached parchment directly onto baking sheet, placing parchment-side down.

Brush butter over entire surface of flatbread. Sprinkle tapenade and parmesan over top.

Bake in 425°F. oven until golden brown, about 14 to 18 minutes.

Use pizza cutter to cut into serving-size pieces.

Servings: 18
Serving Size: Per appetizer

Per Serving
Calories: 111
Cholesterol: 5 mg
Fat: 8 g
Sodium: 189 mg
Carbohydrates: 8 g
Protein: 2 g
Fiber: 1 g Saturated Fat: 3 g