What happens when your troop comes to our kitchen? Girl Scouts will roll up their sleeves and have hands-on cooking fun! We offer Scout Programs for Daisy Scouts, Brownie Scouts, Junior Scouts and Girl Scouts. Each participant will have the opportunity to:
  • Create a tasty meal.
  • Fit her meal for the day into the "My Plate" diagram.
  • Learn about portion sizes.
  • Discover the importance of making healthy choices.
Every Girl Scout gets a Dierbergs Kids in the Kitchen patch! Troop leaders are responsible for purchasing appropriate badges from the Girl Scout Shop or other licensed vendor. Dierbergs does not supply or sell these licensed badges.

Interested in planning a Girl Scout event or wanting to know more about Boy Scout opportunities? Contact a School of Cooking Manager for details.
Kids in the Kitchen Badge

Time to Snack!

Daisy Scouts (Grades K-1)
1-Hour Class | $200

Enjoy a delicious menu and pick up tips on healthy snacking.

• Petal Pusher Pizzas • Lazy Daisy Cupcakes • Garden Patch Veggie & Dip • Water or Milk

Snacks Badge

Brownie Scouts (Grades 2-3)
1.5-Hour Class | $225

Earn the Brownie “Snacks” badge. Learn to measure and mix accurately and safely. Pick up nutrition basics and find out how it affects the way you look and feel.

• Individual Pizzeria Pizzas • Picnic-On-A-Stick • Muffin in Disguise • Island Smoothies

Simple Meals Badge

Junior Scouts (Grades 4-5)
1.5-Hour Class | $225

Earn the “Simple Meals” badge. Learn about kitchen equipment and how to safely use it. See how a healthy recipe make-over can be delicious and nutritious.

• Chicken Tortilla Soup • Cuban Sandwich • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip • Fruit & Yogurt Cookie Bars Smoothie

New Cuisines Badge

Cadette Scouts (Grades 6-8)
2-Hour Class | $250

Earn the “New Cuisines” badge. Learn cooking techniques and tips for using kitchen gadgets. Discover the importance of portion sizes and how protein works to make you healthy.

• Asian Lettuce Wraps • Apple Quinoa Salad • Southern Oven- • Old-Fashioned Fried Chicken Buttermilk Biscuits • Surprise Brownies

Locavore Badge

Senior Scouts (Grades 9-10)
2-Hour Class | $250

Earn the “Locavore” badge. Explore options for eating closer to home to reduce your impact on our global resources, as well as supporting local economy. The class meets all five requirements for the Locavore badge.

• Bruschetta • Pizza Parlor Pasta Bake • St. Louis-Style Italian Salad • Honey-Glazed Apple Tart