When you walk in any one of our stores, you most likely have interacted with one of our associates. Maybe you just needed help finding a certain brand of pesto sauce or maybe you asked for help picking out the perfect flower arrangement for your mom. You might have struck up a conversation about your weekend plans with one of our cashiers or had one of our Bakehouse associates help you decorate a cookie cake for your niece. We're so proud of our associates in store and strive to be the best at customer service.

But did you know there are a lot of other talented people at Dierbergs who don't work in our stores? You may never meet them, but they have your best interests in mind. They pour passion into making, creating and sourcing products every day for you to enjoy. They quietly, yet keenly, apply their expertise behind the scenes to new products and customer favorites.

These are true gems in our company. They're proud of what they do. We're proud of them.


When you step out of your car in a Dierbergs parking lot on any given day, you might smell the smoker working hard, filled with delicious ribs, salmon or chicken. Do you ever wonder who the master mind is behind Bob's BBQ? What about the hundreds of delicious prepared foods items in our deli department? Allow us to introduce Pam. She's always dreaming up something new for you to enjoy at home.

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For an oven operator, each day is different and never, ever boring. Meet Vernon. He prioritizes quality and strives to make sure the products in our stores are consistent and meet our customers’ expectations. We’re proud of his work ethic and attention to detail and we love having him as a teammate.

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Flowers evoke an emotion in us. Happiness, surprise, joy, peace and sympathy. They allow us to express our feelings in ways words cannot. When you walk into the floral department at your local Dierbergs, we seek to understand the occasion, the emotion and aim to provide the best arrangement for you. But how do all of these flowers get to our customers? Meet Lou. As the Cut Flower Manager for Dierbergs, he pours his energy into ensuring flowers from around the world end up in our customers’ lives when they need it most.

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Fresh produce has and always will be a pillar of the Dierbergs business. We’re always planning and partnering with farmers near and far throughout the year to bring you quality produce. Meet Scott, our produce buyer who upholds the Dierbergs standard of freshness every day. Fresh, quality produce doesn’t find its way into Dierbergs stores by accident—it’s because of people like Scott working hard every single day to ensure the freshest fruits and vegetables make it from the farm to your table.

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