Kombucha & Probiotics with COM KOM Tom

When you try kombucha for the first time your gut reaction might be, “Wow, this is different!”

That’s because it is different. It’s different from just about anything we have in our modern American diet, and it’s something we have been sorely lacking for a long time.

Kombucha is a deliciously dry, tart, slightly fizzy fermented tea, usually flavored with various fruits, juices, herbs and spices, and dates its origins back more than 2,000 years. It was first documented c. 229 BCE in the Tsin Dynasty in China, as the “Elixir of Life.” Well, today through the invention of modern science, we know why this is true. It is chock-full of probiotics, organic acids (which give kombucha its kick,) and B vitamins.

So, you ask, what do these do for you?

The short answer is: It makes you feel healthier, stronger and well, just great. You’re not going to do backflips and run marathons after drinking a bottle; however, time and time again, when I am participating in local festivals, or handing out samples at Dierbergs, I have people come up and tell me that they love their COMpanion KOMbucha. They just feel better when they drink it. While there is a mountain of anecdotal evidence about the effects of kombucha, including our own personal experience here at home, there has been little peer-reviewed research to date specifically regarding kombucha and its effects. However, there has been a lot of research on the components of kombucha, such as organic acids (e.g. apple cider vinegar) and their positive affect on the body. In addition, more and more research is currently being done on probiotics, gut health, and even aspects of tying gut to various aspects of mental health. Also, related to the brain, scientists at the California Institute of Technology recently published in the journal CELL findings, that there appears to be a biological link between the gut microbiome and Parkinson's disease.

The next question I get a lot from people when I am sampling is, “Well, COM KOM Tom, how much do I need for a dose?”

This question always floors me because once you start drinking kombucha, you don’t look at it as a “health beverage.” Rather it becomes part of your normal diet, like soda, juice, beer, or wine. A testament to its mainstream popularity is out on the West Coast where you find it in bars and restaurants on tap. There are even kombucha cafés and tasting rooms.

Local Fervor

St. Louis now has a new kombucha-themed restaurant that recently opened in The Grove, and here at COMpanion KOMbucha, we’ve purchased 50 kegs and are talking to several area bars and restaurants about putting it on tap.  Last summer, in an article written about us in the Healthy Planet magazine (pick one up in the front of Dierbergs), the author wrote, “This would explain why I’ve often preferred a goblet of kombucha to a glass of wine this summer. It satisfies that wine taste…” So don’t put it in your medicine chest, put it on your lunch table. Offer kombucha at parties along with beer and wine or drink it at your desk at work. Heck if you want, use it as a mixer to make cocktails. You can find some of our recipes in the September issue of FEAST magazine! We catered an open house at a local ad agency in the CWE where we supplied our Elderberry with Cointreau and Limoncello (we call it the Ruby Porch Swing), and people went nuts! We also used our Ginger kombucha in place of ginger beer to make the ever popular Moscow Mule (we of course called it the Missouri Mule!)

There you have it, a short intro the fastest growing sector of the beverage industry, kombucha. It’s not just a fad. So go with your gut. Make kombucha part of your life.

If you have any other questions about kombucha, please feel free to contact us at our website DrinkComKom.com or on our facebook/twitter/Instagram at @drinkcomkom, #drinkcomkom. Lastly, thank you for supporting all the local vendors that you find at Dierbergs, we respend your money right here in the community at local shops, restaurants, churches, schools, and even buying Girl Scout cookies when they come to our door.

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