1. Quick but Impressive Apps
    Make 1 or 2 special appetizers, then make the rest easy on you. Purchase a few homemade, ready-to-bake appetizers from Dierbergs Kitchen, then just heat and serve! Supplement with a few great dips, spreads, and cheeses.

  2. Size Matters
    For an appetizer party, average 12 pieces per person. Serve a variety of flavors to keep people interested. (It might be a good idea to have 1 gluten-free and/or vegan option.)

  3. Don’t Play Bartender
    Have a small area of the room dedicated for drink making. Serve craft beers, wine and a pre-batched cocktail that can be made ahead of time. Plan for 3-4 drinks per person.

  4. Keep it Simple
    You want to enjoy the party you’re hosting, so make sure to make it easy on yourself. Desserts, ready-to-bake apps, grab ‘n go wines, and all party essentials can be found at your local Dierbergs!

  5. Party Fails
    Don’t forget the two most easily forgotten items for a successful party: Ice and a festive playlist!