Skip the Bowl & Grab the Pint: All About Healthier Ice Cream

We’ve all done it. Buy the pint of ice cream, sit down to watch a movie, and look down to see you’ve eaten the whole thing. Why not enjoy more moments like these guilt-free? Numerous brands have tailored their recipes and created ice creams with attributes that don’t make you feel too bad about eating a little more than your proper serving. Trish, Dierbergs registered nutritionist, shares more insight on healthier ice cream brands and finding one that works best for you!

When choosing the best ice cream for you, you first need to make a decision: low calorie/less sugar or more protein/fiber. Some better-for-you ice cream varieties provide a higher protein and fiber count that benefit you by making you feel fuller longer. Lower calorie and less sugar ice creams also tend to have lower protein than you may be looking for. It’s also good to keep in mind serving sizes. A serving size is a ½ cup, so it’s good to pay attention to serving size and calories on the back of the carton, not on the front. Remember – it’s still ice cream, so moderation is always a good plan.

Below we’ve analyzed (taste tested for quality control of course) some healthier ice cream options, so you can indulge and enjoy without that guilty feeling! Here are our results: