The Ultimate Grad Party Guide

You have the cap and gown; the ceremony is complete… Now what? Celebrating any graduation is a must, but without a doubt, it still sneaks up on us somehow! We know how party planning can go one of two ways: smooth sailing or complete and utter “uh-oh” panic mode. To ensure you have the best party planning experience, here are 8 tips that will guarantee the party is rad for your grad!

  1. Organization. Is. Everything.
    Set yourself up for success by first creating a party checklist. List budget, set guest list, plan menu, etc. This will safeguard against any detail slipping through the cracks. The day before your celebration is the time to prep! Set up tables, chairs, and décor. Have everything in place, so that day-of items just fall into place. Ask a neighborhood kid to help clean up during the party, so you won’t have to!

  2. Make it a Theme
    Customize the event with a great theme! This could even help when planning for the food. DIY food stations are a great way to accentuate the theme you choose. For example:
    • A Fabulous Fiesta theme could include fun stations like a taco and nacho bar. Items like Bob’s BBQ pulled pork and smoked pulled chicken, salsa and guacamole straight from our produce department, Stone Wall Kitchen Queso and Dierbergs restaurant-style chips would easily set the stage! (Eat. Live. Well.™ Tip: Browse through our Whole Life section for easy gluten free pairings with this theme)
    • Backyard BBQ theme could include items like sliders, kabobs, and salad! In store, we have a variety of Signature meats, slider buns from our Bakehouse, ready-to-cook kabobs, and other fun items to pop on the grill! (Eat. Live. Well.™ Tip: Grill whole portabella mushrooms for the vegetarian or vegan guests.)
  3. Keep it Simple
    Whatever you decide, make sure it’s simple, easy, and realistic. Make a family favorite, and order appetizers and desserts if you want! Let someone else take care of the cooking to help ease the stress and satisfy all tastebuds. Don't miss our Grad Party Headquarters.

  4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
    If you forget tiny details, REMEMBER: don’t sweat it. The gas station down the road always has ice, and Dierbergs delivers in under an hour with Shipt if you run out of anything.

  5. Create the Party Playlist
    Using music apps will help customize any party scene! You can create your own playlists, use the ones already available, or mix multiple genres for different tastes. There was a lot of hassle for that tassel, so make sure there’s time to get down on the dance floor!

  6. Dessert
    Don’t go basic, make it a buffet! Greg’s Crazy good cookie varieties, a fun cookie cake, macaroons from our European bakery, Bissinger’s candies in fancy dishes, gooey butter cake, or a cupcake bar with Dierbergs minis and Jilly’s cupcakes will look like you've been baking for days! The possibilities are endless with Dierbergs Bakehouse.

  7. Activities
    Utilize the space whether it’s indoor or outdoor games. Make a personalized trivia quiz about the graduate and offer a prize. Put together an easy DIY photo booth or selfie station. Cornhole, yard jenga, or bocce ball are great outdoor game ideas.

  8. Set the Stage
    Make a statement with a special entrance including school memorabilia, pictures throughout the years, and a guest book! Have the guests write advice for the grad along with their well wishes! Have a drop off area or table set up around the entrance for gifts when the guests arrive.
At the end of the day, friends and family are gathering to celebrate the graduate. The little details are important, but remember why you’re all together and have fun celebrating a tremendous accomplishment!

Congrats to the Class of 2018!!