The Ultimate Halloween-Inspired School Lunch

BEWARE: Halloween Puns Ahead!

During Halloween, there is never a shortage of fun ideas for spooky food! The only issue sometimes is it taking too much time to prepare fun items for your kids (ain’t nobody got time for that). So we put together a few ideas for any spooktacular lunch! They’re quick and easy...and will take no time at all to make their school lunches unboolievable.
[Photo: Sandwiches cut into tombstone shapes and decorated with R.I.P. in mustard.]

1. Sandwitch:

Cut your child’s sandwich into fun shapes. It can be a coffin, a tombstone, a bone, or even a witch’s hat!

[Photo: Juice box wrapped to look like a mummy.]

2. Mummy-fied:

Wrap their juice box up with white party streamers. Finish it with a scary face, or a smiley face!

[Photo: Colored tortilla chips in a bag and fruit in a cup decorated with a pumpkin face.]

3. Spooky Sides:

Anything goes when it comes to the sides. Colorful chips, fun-colored candy, or take a Dierberg’s Fresh Cut fruit container and turn it into a pumpkin!

[Photo: Rice Krispy Treats decorated for Halloween with candy corn.]

4. Rice Krispy Trick-or-Treats:

Make Rice Krispy Treats as normal (recipe can be found on the box). Then all you need to do is add in some candy corn and sprinkles on top to complete this ghoulishly delightful Halloween dessert.

5. Bone appétit!

Extra Wicked Tip: Last but not least, add a fun Halloween joke or note that says, "Eye love you!"