Local Dairy. Global Impact.

The milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy foods you enjoy every day comes from local families that care about the community you live in. Dairy farmers work hard to produce dairy responsibly and sustainably—so the next generation of families can enjoy the world just as much as we do.

Farm Tour

Curious about where your local milk comes from? Watch as dairy farmer Brian Riegel gives Dierbergs and Brando from 106.5 The Arch a tour around his dairy farm. From baby calves to the operation and technology behind dairy farms, this live tour covers everything you’ve wanted to know!

Dairy Does Too

You love your community, care for animals, and the environment—and dairy does too.

You Do Your Part: #DairyDoesToo Infographic

No Boil Veggie Manicotti

Looking for a simple, nourishing meal your family will enjoy? Try Honest Grub Honest Foodie’s veggie manicotti dish.

No Boil Veggie Manicotti in a baking dish, ready to be served and enjoyed.