Dierbergs Bakehouse | Home-Baked Goodness
At Dierbergs, our customers have always come first, and no one knows it better than our bakery.

Our Bakehouse team is dedicated to getting the best baked goods, whether fresh or sourced from your favorite local artisans, to your local store–and into your home. From our early-rising bakers to our trend-setting buyers and imaginative chefs, our entire staff is passionate about delivering home-baked goodness you can taste.

You might call us purists because we don't believe in shortcuts. Each cake, bun and cookie is hand-crafted from the finest ingredients available and individually inspected for irresistible flavor and outstanding quality. And because our team is proud to bring Bakehouse into their own homes, you can trust that your family will savor every delicious bite.

Every time you see a Bakehouse label, you'll know every layer, twist, dollop and swirl was inspired by our mission to offer only the best for you and your family.