(Photo: Tippin's pie.)

Tippin's Pies

In St. Louis, Tippin’s is sold exclusively at Dierbergs. Their delicious, hand-crafted pies are perfect for celebrations and gatherings.

Jilly's Cupcakes

Jilly's Cupcakes

Jilly's Cupcake Bar & Café has been an icon in the St. Louis area for years and is known for its award-winning cupcakes. Now, you're able to enjoy these decadent desserts from your local Dierbergs.

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Companion Bread Loafs

Companion Breads

Companion places great care in its products and service, sourcing the best ingredients to prepare unique offerings for customers. We are the only grocery chain to offer Companion Breads.

Greg's Crazy Good Cookies

Greg's Crazy Good Cookies

Our signature cookies are the ooiest, gooiest, moistest, most awesome cookies ever! We also have a selection of crispy cookies if you crave some crunch! They’re not just good, they’re crazy good!

Kenzies Kakes

Kenzie's Kakes

Inspired by Greg Dierbergs’ daughter McKenzie and her love of cupcakes, we’ve created delicious gooey butter cakes and cupcakes, and we’re always adding new flavors!

Dierbergs Lemon Blueberry Muffin Loaf Cake

Dierbergs Signature

From muffin loaf cakes to hamburger and hot dog buns, all our Signature items are made fresh and expertly created at our Central Bakery.