Faroe Island Salmon on Rice

Faroe Island Salmon

Located in the middle of the North Atlantic, this group of small islands is a boutique producer in top quality Atlantic salmon. The area is committed to the highest levels of fish welfare and sustainability with its pristine waters and one of the most stringent aquaculture regulatory regimes in the world. The salmon is raised in the wild and are given no antibiotics or hormones. Plus, it's flown in fresh to our stores!

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Chilean Salmon

Atlantic Chilean Salmon

Our Atlantic Chilean Salmon is BAP certified. BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) is an international, third-party certification system that verifies environmentally and socially responsible processes under which finfish, crustaceans and mussels are produced. The BAP standards address key elements in responsible aquaculture including environmental responsibility, social responsibility, food safety, animal welfare and traceability.

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Norwegian Salmon with Asparagus

Norwegian Salmon

Norway pioneered the aquaculture techniques to responsibly grow and harvest mild, moist and delicious salmon in the icy cold fjords of their North Atlantic location. This salmon is certified by the European Union for food safety and sustainability.

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