Our Shrimp Quality Promise

At Dierbergs, we dedicate ourselves to quality and want our customers to feel confident about the shrimp we have to offer. The result of our commitment is pure, meatier shrimp without pumped additives.

We encourage shrimp consumers to read the label before purchasing – you might be shocked at what you find in shrimp at other retailers. See below for our Shrimp Standards to learn more about what sets us apart as a catch above the rest.

Dierbergs Shrimp Product Standards
Dierbergs seafood buyers are dedicated to ensuring all bulk shrimp and shrimp rings purchased in our seafood department meet the following criteria:
  • Chemical Free
    • Does not contain sodium tripolyphosphate.
      • What that means for you: You only pay for pure shrimp as it was caught, not the extra water that chemicals can cause it to retain.
    • Does not contain sodium bisulfite.
      • What that means for you: You only pay for fresh quality, not meat that was pumped with preservatives to which some people find they have sensitivities.
  • Antibiotic Free
    • Not only are our shrimp antibiotic free, our vendors have the lab results to prove it.

Dierbergs Shrimp Sustainable Sourcing Standards
Our buyers focus on sourcing from very select companies, according to their stringent sourcing and quality standards.
  • Farmed Shrimp Practices:
    • Specialized feed that ensures optimal nourishment and replaces less sustainable fishmeal and fish oil feed alternatives.
    • Full traceability throughout the product pipeline, ensuring strict Quality Assurance protocol.
    • Partner advocates for mangrove rehabilitation and as such has integrated their farms with the environment, conserving biodiversity.
    • Partner uses renewable energy to improve efficiencies and reduce environmental impact.
  • Wild Gulf Shrimp Practices:
    • Turtle safe with use of turtle extraction devices.
    • Dolphin safe with use of radar and sonar detection.
    • Partner is a member of Gulf United for Lasting Fisheries, an advocacy group that promotes sustainable practices through holistic, science-based fishery management programs.
    • Partner is a member of the National Audubon Society Gulf Restoration Program, committed to restoring The Gulf by focusing efforts on priority wildlife habitats.

Dierbergs Shrimp Ethical Practices Standards
  • Partners belong to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, an independent non-profit organization that manages the world’s leading certification and labelling program for responsible aquaculture.
  • Partners belong to Sedex, a leading global ethical trade service provider, acting to improve working conditions across global supply chains.
  • Partners belong to Stronger Together, an initiative aiming to reduce and ultimately eliminate modern slavery.

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