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March 13, 2020

A Note from The Dierberg Family

As your local Grocer for 166 years, our family business has always prioritized delivering the best experience for our customers. As we all are uncertain of exactly how the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation will evolve in our communities, we do want to assure you that it’s our intention to continue operating our stores in a manner that you expect. At the same time, we are following guidance from federal, state, and local agencies, including the CDC and other health organizations.

For the safety of our customers and associates, we are implementing additional precautions to the steps we’ve always taken to provide you with a safe and clean shopping experience. Here are some of the increased measures to ensure the safest possible shopping and working environment:

  • Sanitizing commonly used areas more often, including cashier stations, self-checkouts, credit card terminals, conveyor belts, and door handles.

  • Providing our customers with free disinfectant wipes at our store entrances to sanitize their shopping carts or baskets.

  • Offering hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and convenient access to bathrooms for hand washing for both associates and customers.

  • Communicating with our associates to follow precautionary measures, such as avoiding touching their eyes, nose, and mouth; exercise appropriate controls when sneezing or coughing, and wash their hands frequently to avoid transmission of germs.

  • Above all, we have asked our associates not to report to work if they are experiencing flu like symptoms or a cough, fever, or shortness of breath.

A note about self-serve items such as produce, bakery, and prepared food:
The health and safety of our customers and associates is our priority. Every day we follow strict food safety policies and procedures designed to ensure a safe environment for all. For customers who would prefer a packaged product, most self-serve items are also available pre-packaged in other parts of the store.

Keeping the essentials on our shelves:
We are diligently working with suppliers to ensure that the food, medicine and cleaning supplies are reaching our stores as quickly as possible. Additionally, to maximize the opportunity for customers to have access to certain items, we have taken the precautionary step to limit the number of cleaning, sanitary, and paper products per order.

Alternative shopping solutions:
For those customers that need to, or prefer to avoid public places, we partner with Shipt. They’re an excellent partner of ours and offer your preference of curbside pickup outside our stores or delivery to your home. We are working hard to provide you with the best and safest possible grocery shopping experience in town and hope our communities stay healthy and work together to stop the spread of this dangerous virus. We also are looking forward to a new day when we can all look back on this and wonder why we all have so much toilet paper in our homes.

Thank you for making Dierbergs a part of your family.

Bob Dierberg, Greg Dierberg and Laura DIerberg Padousis