Slice, Dip and Roll

How do you make a fresh, crisp apple taste even better? Slice 'em up, dip 'em in your favorite spread, and roll 'em in crunchy stuff! Here are some flavor combos we like.

Coconut Apple Dipper

Red Delicious + Chocolate Hazelnut Spread + Toasted Coconut

Oreo Apple Dipper

Pink Lady® + Marshmallow Crème + Crushed Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

M-and-M Apple Dipper

Granny Smith + Peanut Butter + Candy-Coated Chocolates

Nuts Apple Dipper

Honeycrisp + Chocolate Fruit Dip + Chopped Pecans

Mini Marshmallow Apple Dipper

Golden Delicious + Caramel Fruit Dip + Mini Marshmallows

Toffee Apple Dipper

Jazz™ + Cream Cheese Fruit Dip + Toffee Bits