It's Apple Season, So Take Your Pick

Give in to temptation and take a big bite out of fall. Enjoy any of these apples fresh – in salads, on a cheese board, as a tasty snack – or in your favorite recipes.

Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith

This bright green beauty is crisp, juicy and delightfully tart. (Use in pies, tarts, bread puddings, and savory dishes, like bread stuffings, risotto, and soup.)

Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady®

Beneath the vivid pink blush lies crisp flesh and sweet, tangy flavor. (Use in baked apples, pies, tarts, and on cheese boards and sandwiches.)

Jazz Apples


This cross between Braeburn and Gala is aromatic with crisp, dense flesh and a sweet-tart flavor. (Use in baked apples, cakes, crisps, muffins, pies and tarts, apple sauce.)

Red Delicious Apples

Red Delicious

Enjoy this crisp and sweet lunch box favorite as-is, eaten out of hand.

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious

Mellow and pleasantly sweet, this apple can do it all. (Use in baked apples, cakes, crisps, pies and tarts, apple sauce.)

HoneyCrisp Apples


The name says it all – this one is sweet and crisp! (Use in baked apples, cakes, crisps, pies and tarts, apple sauce.)

How to Prevent Apple Browning

Before you cut apples for a recipe, have some lemon-lime soda handy.

Place the cut apples in a bowl and pour the soda over it, covering the apples. The soda is slightly acidic which slows down the browning process and the lemon-lime flavor is mild enough not to affect the recipe.

No soda? No problem. Cover the apples with cold water and add a generous squeeze of lemon juice.