Kids' Lunches that Rock in a Box

Make lunch the best part of the school day... Okay, except for recess! All it takes is an inexpensive food storage container, cupcake liners, cookie cutters, and a little imagination to create a tasty, healthy, and fun lunch!

Dolphin Bologna & Cheese Sandwich Lunch

Bologna and cheese sandwich cut with dolphin cookie cutter.

Ham & Cheese Flower Lunch

Cut Black Forest ham with flower cookie cutter. Cut cheddar cheese with smaller flower cookie cutter. Cut white cheese with star cookie cutter. Stack each piece to make sandwich.

Apple-Ham Roll-Up Lunch

Black Forest ham wrapped around Granny Smith apple slice and cheddar. Secure with a pretzel stick.

Butterfly Apple & Graham Cracker Lunch

Spread graham cracker with chocolate hazelnut spread. Use toasted oat cereal for butterfly’s body and apple slices for wings.

Banana Roll-Ups Lunch

Spread flour tortilla with peanut butter and wrap around whole banana. Slice into bite-size pieces.

Apple PBJ Sandwich

Replace bread with apple rings and create a PB&J with a twist.