Making delicious, beautiful food for a crowd doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming. Forget individual appetizers and assemble an interactive grazing board – it's a snack lover's dream, created with minimum effort for maximum impact!



  1. The Board
    Grab a large tray or platter or lay down parchment paper over the counter. Pick out some of your favorite bowls and small plates for dips, olives, and other fillers.
  2. Meat & Cheese
    Choose meats and cheeses that complement one another. Variety is key! Choose cheeses made from different milks (cows, goat, sheep) with a variety of textures (soft and creamy, semi-soft, and hard). Your charcuterie should also be diverse with an assortment of cured and smoked meats. Use our easy pairing guide below!
  3. Bases
    Choose neutral or complementary-flavored crackers for hard cheese and thinly sliced crusty bread for soft cheeses.
  4. Extras
    Everyone loves those "extras": Fruits, nuts, picked vegetables, olives, mustards, and jams bulk up the board and add a pop of color!
  5. Appetizers
    Round out the board with unique appetizers. Order from Dierbergs Kitchen or try suggestions for the recipes below.



Choosing items for your board can be overwhelming. Our School of Cooking experts have created a quick guide for pairing components from throughout our stores on your grazing board. You can choose one or multiple pairings based on the size of your grazing board.

 [Graphic: Perfect pairings chart - Put these cheese, meats, bases and extras together in your grazing board for the perfect pairings.]