Grill Marks | Tongs | Sauce1. Perfect crosshatch grill marks are simple to achieve. Put steaks diagonally on preheated oiled grid. Let them cook for about 3 minutes. Rotate 90 degrees and cook another 3 minutes on the same side. Turn over and grill until done.

2. Use wood chips sparingly. They add great flavor to food, but too much smoke can overpowerfood and make it taste bitter.

3. Stock up on disposable foil pans. They're great for catching drips when you cook food over indirect heat, and there's nothing to clean up!

4. Ditch the fork. Nobody wants barbecue that's dry and chewy, so ditch the fork and turn food with a pair of tongs. Forks leave holes that let juices escape, which makes food dry.

5. Let it sear. Give meat a chance to sear for at least 2 -3 minutes, and it's much less likely to stick to the grate. So put the chops on the grill, put down the tongs, and leave them alone!

6. Don't stop at soaking wooden skewers. It's important to soak wooden skewers, but the ends can still burn on the grill. After you thread the food on, wrap the exposed ends of the skewers in foil to avoid charred sticks.

7. Basting Sauce Basics. Sweet basting sauces are a favorite, but they burn like crazy, so don't brush them on food until the last 10 minutes or so of cooking time!

8. Easy clean up. The easiest way to clean the grate is to heat it up and clean it with a long handled wire brush. Another good tool is just a piece of wadded-up foil with a pair of tongs. The foil just gets tossed in the trash after use.